About Us






We are proudly independent and measure broadband performance in two ways:

Nationwide using Australia’s largest network of measurement devices


Company-wide using our unique platform and bespoke testing methodology to optimise end-to-end network performance




Our History

30 years of independent network measurement.

Founded in 1989 as the RMIT PC Testing Laboratory at RMIT University, we were there at the start – monitoring network performance as Internet access moved from universities to the public domain.

We grew to become Australia’s leading independent testing group and commercialised in 2005 as Enex TestLab, which measures sensitive public projects across highly regulated sectors.

In 2017 eMetric Pty Ltd, trading as Honesty Box™, was commercialised from Enex Pty Ltd to provide independent broadband performance measurement using scientific methodology that reflects our research heritage.

eMetric (Honesty Box™) has provided independent network measurement services across Australia for Government organisations such as the Department of Communications, Department of Health, ACMA and ACCC and nbn.

Australian owned and operated, Honesty Box also measures and reports on Retail and Internet Service Provider’s Internet performance across all technologies and geographies using data from consumer volunteers recruited through CHOICE.



Our People

The organisational functions operating in Australia include management, business development, finance and admin, product development, software engineering, hardware development, QA, logistics and operations, helpdesk and customer experience, as well as data analytics.

The Honesty Box™ team is led by William MacKinnon with senior support provided by Matt Tett and Sandra Davey.


William MacKinnon

Head of Commercial and Client Services

Will cultivates new opportunities in the business space. He works with Honesty Box’s corporate and ecosystem partners to solve problems and optimise broadband network insights and capabilities. Will is an experienced business leader with a media and digital industry background and a proven track record in business casing and implementing strategic opportunities in line with changing technologies and market trends, both locally and internationally.


Matt Tett


Matt is the founder of Honesty Box and Managing Director of Enex TestLab, an independent ISO17025 accredited testing laboratory. He’s a highly technical straight shooter who’s well known across global industry and government for his objective scientific approach to tech vendor product testing. Matt is also the chairman of Cyber Security firm Enex Carbon and sits on the IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) Executive Council.

Matt has a deep technical background in network and security systems and serves on working groups for the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, the Communications Alliance Cyber Security Reference Panel (CSRP), the CSRP Fraud subgroup and the Communications Resilience Administration Industry Group (CRAIG), the Internet Australia Cyber Security SIG, and is a member of the research advisory committee for the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory at Federation University.


Sandra Davey

Head of people and product

Sandra works at the heart of Honesty Box, bringing teams together to make Australia’s broadband great. She’s a people focused leader with over 20 years of Internet and digital product management experience.

With a deep love of product management, she’s been involved in more than 30 digital (hardware and software) products across B2C and B2B. Sandra’s seen the best and worst​ digital products and approaches to product management​, so with humour​, pragmatism​ and kindness,​ she ​coaches people, team​s, organisations​ and leaders​ ​in optimising the way they bring products to market.


Singam Vijay

Head of Operations

Singam is responsible for the day to day operations of Honesty Box, ensuring that operational excellence is achieved across all areas of the business. Singam has extensive experience in telecommunication operations, system implementation, process and frameworks management and project management. He has worked for leading national and global operators for over a decade.

Ashima Tyagi

User Success Specialist

Ashima is a User Success Specialist who works closely with Honesty Box users, ensuring they are satisfied with the service and the data-driven insights they receive. She works across the business to build the brand’s reputation and is responsible for developing customer/user relationships that promote retention and loyalty by improving customer satisfaction. Ashima holds a Master’s degree in Business Enterprise Resource Planning from Victoria University and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Information Technology.

Mike Hill

Head of Consumer

Mike is responsible for the consumer experience at Honesty Box and is spearheading the development of the new consumer dashboard. He’s a digital marketing expert, developer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Aircamp, Curator.io, Puffling and Aardwolf Ventures.




Meet our Technical Team

The technical team is led by James Stewart and comprises senior and junior engineers backed by Honesty Box™ partner expertise in solutions architecture (John Lindsay, J2 Solutions) and hardware development (Peter Stone, Tuftec). Both Paul and John are industry veterans with decades of highly technical experience in large scale complex broadband systems.


James Stewart

Head of Technology

James Stewart is the Head of Technology at Honesty Box where he ensures that the nation’s largest independent network of broadband measurement devices delivers ongoing value to consumers and network providers. James is a technologist with over a decade of experience in IT Operations and a more recent focus on Software Design and Development. He has held a life-long passion for technology and has developed specialisations in Linux, DevOps, Python, IoT, and Monitoring. Passionate about agile methodologies, James is an advocate for product-driven processes which deliver value incrementally and enable users and organisations to achieve their desired outcomes.

An avid Maker and Open-Source contributor, James is the President and founding member of SparkCC: a non-government, not-for-profit community of makers centred on a purpose-built makerspace in Somersby on the NSW Central Coast.


Rajesh Kamarsu

Head of Data

Rajesh is responsible for evolving Honesty Box’s measurement methodology and data capabilities to help Australians get the best from their Internet. He generates insights from millions of data points generated from thousands of Honesty Boxes across the country every month. He is a results oriented data practitioner and architect, and specialises in delivering advanced data analytics.

Rajesh is also responsible for the birth and management of our newest partner, data and analytics specialists, Ingrity. He works across both businesses to bridge our expertise, advance our offering and support Ingrity’s talent program.


Stuart Dines

Senior Software Engineer

Stuart is a Senior Software / DevOps Engineer at Honesty Box and is responsible for designing and building software-based broadband measurement tools from the ground up, enabling on-demand network performance insights for customers, and maintaining technical infrastructure. Before joining Honesty Box, Stuart was a Senior Engineer at Mathspace, Stockspot and the Interaction Consortium. He also brings Regulatory Affairs experience, having worked as a Regulatory Affairs Analyst at DuPont.
He has a passion for scientific software and deep technical knowledge with a focus on Django, Python, PostgreSQL and React / JavaScript development in conjunction with HTML/CSS.



Our Partners

Working with our partners, we give complex organisations, retail service providers (RSPs) and network operators the data and insights they need to bring better broadband and mobile to all.



On the consumer side we collaborate with CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer advocate group, to optimise the broadband experience for Australian homes and businesses. The CHOICE Broadband Performance Program measures real speeds from homes across Australia using data from Honesty Box, giving consumers the power to compare Internet service providers and plans.



We partner with Ingrity, a progressive data and analytics company, to expand our data and insights capabilities in line with our shared values. The program gives new engineers the practical local experience they need to use their existing qualifications in Australia. We welcomed our first Ingrity intern to provide local business experience in exchange for her data related expertise.




We share a mutual passion and interest in early stage product development with our partner 25Fifteen, a startup studio founded by technology entrepreneurs and industry veterans.  We also share engineering resources and recently welcomed an engineer who will work across both companies.